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[Nederlandse versie] Jaap de Ruig is a Dutch filmmaker and artist living in Amsterdam. He makes video installations, shorts etc. In 2009 he completed his first creative documentary The Source - One Day in a Roma settlement in Romania. This film had its première at the International Film Festival Rotterdam. His other works have been shown at exhibitions in museums and art galleries across Europe. In 2010 his project Wisdom and Hell was selected for No Holds Barred, Art Amsterdam. The book EEN DIER / EEN MENS (Caprae Publishing) shows an overview of his works. On September 11, 2014 the documentary The Prison Village - Veenhuizen in the Twentieth Century had its premiere. In May 2015 he finished the project What David Sees with a book, a video installation, an exhibition and a documentary with the same title. Jaap de Ruig lives with Dutch writer Mariët Meester.

Virtual Museum

This site is a virtual museum. Visitors can wander the halls. A fragment from shorts and installations can be seen. The sidewalls are clickable too. Texts on the work of Jaap de Ruig and a cv can be found in the library.


Video and film make use of the existing reality in order to create a new reality which investigates the existing one. Anything can be recorded: suffering, death, the struggle between man and nature and between individuals. Especially in my early work animal behavior played an important role as a metaphor for human life. In 2007 I made a series of life-size video installations 'The Army of Split Souls', in which I multiplied myself. Each installation represents archetypal values like anxiety, loneliness or liberation. But humour is not lacking, without humour life becomes unbearable.

Book preview EEN DIER / EEN MENS: