Jaap de Ruig (the Netherlands, 1957) is a Dutch filmmaker and artist living in Amsterdam. He makes creative documentaries, video installations, shorts etc. In 2009 he completed his first documentary The Source - One Day in a Roma Settlement in Romania. This film had its première at the International Film Festival Rotterdam and was shown at many other festivals. In 2014 he made the documentary Het gevangenisdorp - Veenhuizen in de twintigste eeuw (The Prison Village - Veenhuizen in the Twentieth Century). And in 2015 he finished an extensive project in collaboration with a young Romanian gypsy named David, a tinsmith. The project What David Sees resulted in a book, a video installation, an exhibition, a collection of six thousend pictures and a documentary. Jaap de Ruig is married with Dutch novelist Mariët Meester.

Synopsis of the documentary What David Sees



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What David Sees - short biography