Life After A Bicycle Accident

Two screen video installation, 2017, 31 minutes, English subtitles.

Hands play a piano. The main character comes into the picture. He says: 'There is the story that you don't want it to have happened.' While his voice further explains what did happen to him, we see two images side by side. The man wakes up on a mattress on the floor (filmed in ’night shot’), he climbs into a wheelchair, washes his long blond hair. Meanwhile, he is seen in the complementary image. He tells of Lucie, a French speaking Canadian girl with whom he shortly before the accident had married. They had spent the night before his fall in an abandoned orchard,where she had stated that this was the best time of her life. He then talks about the divorce thereafter. And about the treatment by outsiders. He gives examples. His piano playing comes in violently, and when the anger has cooled down and the sound dies away, he confesses: "I did it myself too." He behaved in the same way toward people with other disabilities. He talks energetically and with self-reflection. Near the end of the film he tells about a scientific study. It proved that the level of happiness of someone who has had such an accident will, after a couple of years, be exactly the same as before. For the spectator it's obvious that he himself is a striking example.

- Synopsis and directors statement

- Short biography


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Screener in low res on Vimeo

Password: Bicycle

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