The Prison Village - Veenhuizen in the Twentieth Century              (Nederlands)

Documentary based on oral history interviews,

2014 (re-edited and subtitled Dec. 2015), 48 minutes,

Selected for:

2016  -  Sydney World Film Festival

2015  -  Podium TV

2014  -  Noordelijk Film Festival, Leeuwarden

          -  RTV Drenthe

          -  Nationaal Gevangenismuseum, Veenhuizen (première)

Dutch writer Mariët Meester grew up in a prison village, Veenhuizen, surrounded by hundreds of No Trespassing signs. At the beginning of the twentieth century homeless men, the so-called 'patients', were housed there in three asylums. During World War II the asylums became prisons. The documentary ‘The Prison Village - Veenhuizen in the Twentieth Century’ depicts a remarkable enclave in the Netherlands. Residents and former residents told Mariët Meester about working and living in this closed community. Director Jaap de Ruig filmed the interviews. Stichting Beeldlijn asked him to use these images as a starting point for a documentary.

Directing, camera, editing: Jaap de Ruig

Interviews: Mariët Meester

Interview Mariët Meester: Louise Koopman

Music: Jaap de Ruig

Translation: Diederick Abbink

Executive producer: Lejo Siepe

Production company: Stichting Beeldlijn, Groningen


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DOCS ROOM -  Het gevangenisdorp - Veenhuizen in de twintigste eeuw

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