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DOCS ROOM  - The Source - One Day in a Roma Settlement in Romania

The documentaries:

- The Source (2009)

- The Prison Village (2014)

- What David Sees (2015)

- Life After A Bicycle Accident (2017)

- De woonwagen, dat ben ik (2017)

The Source - One Day in a Roma Settlement in Romania

video-instllation / creative documentary, 2009, 40 minutes,

without dialogue, trailer: 2'.58''

Selected for:

2017  -  Museum De Domijnen Hedendaagse Kunst, Sittard

2014  -  International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam

2013  -  Douarnenez Film Festival, Douarnenez, France

2011  -  Transilvania International Film Festival, Cluj, Romania

          -  Rolling Film Festival, Pristina, Kosovo

2010  -  FIPA, Biarritz, France

          -  Mezrab / Art Cage, Amsterdam

          -  Filmfoyer Tilburg

2009  -  Les Ecrans Documentaires, Arcueil, France

          -  New York Gypsy Film Festival

          -  Galerie Wit, Wageningen

          -  Sub Urban Video Lounge, Rotterdam

          -  RAM-art, Rotterdam

          -  Nederlands Film Festival, Utrecht

          -  Festival Hors Pistes, Centre Pompidou, Paris

          -  International Film Festival Rotterdam (World première)

Catalogue International Film Festival Rotterdam:

One day in the life of a Roma village, somewhere deep in Rumania. After a pastoral start and a quarrel in the afternoon, peace returns. Recorded with much love and attention.


Hetea is an isolated settlement in Central Romania. Around 350 people live in handmade huts. In The Source - One Day in a Roma Settlement in Romania we experience a day in Hetea. The day starts out pastorally enough: guiding cows and horses, building a new wooden house, etc. In the afternoon, suddenly the fat is in the fire. People scream and threaten each other. Little by little the serene atmosphere returns, but the aftereffects of the quarrel are still audible.

Photographer-filmmaker Jaap de Ruig prepared the film for seventeen years and recorded it in one day. He chose not to subtitle because then: 'I would have given too much meaning to words, which divert from the universal character of the images'.

Synopsis and statement