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WHAT DAVID SEES          (Nederlands)                       Click here for more information about the documentary.

What David Sees is a continuation of Wisdom and Hell, a project of Jaap de Ruig and Art Gallery Maria Chailloux which was presented at Art Amsterdam 2010. In a darkened room David, a young Romanian Rom, was making tin funnels. On the back wall video footage was shown of his situation at home, in a large gypsy quarter of the provincial town of Caracal.

David, who was very interested in the photographs exhibited at Art Amsterdam, asked Jaap if he could borrow a small digital photo camera. After his return to Romania he started taking pictures of everything he saw in his surroundings, as well as when he left home to sell his funnels. Nearly weekly he sent them by mail from an internet cafe.

What David Sees has social, historical and aesthetic dimensions. It is important for the Romanian Roma to capture their own existence. Photographs are a tool for historical awareness and can be a basis for self esteem. What is captured today by David may have changed radically in about twenty years.

David Vasile and Jaap de Ruig met each other in 1991, when David was nine and Jaap came to Romania as a photographer. From the moment David started to take pictures himself, Jaap guided him intensely. He selected and arranged the photos as well. For the time being the outcome is an archive of about six thousand digital images.

The first time the results of the project were presented, was in the month of May 2015. A selection of photos was used for a book with a text by writer Mariët Meester. Color prints were exposed both at publishing house Philip Elchers and at art gallery Artemisia. A documentary was shown at the Gipsyfestival in Tilburg and during an interview at the public library of Groningen.

The press about the photo project:

NRC-Handelsblad, 22 mei 2015

Leeuwarder Courant en Dagblad vh Noorden, 23 mei 2015

Synopsis of the documentary



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